Finding the Right Barber For You!

Finding the Right Barber For You!

Finding the Right Barber For You!

Let's face it, beards are more than just facial hair – they're an extension of your personality, a canvas for your own unique style. But taming that mane requires the right tools and, even more importantly, the right hands. Finding a great barber can be daunting, and there’s nothing worse than a bad beard trim. 

I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences with a barber, including an uneven trim, being edged up with no lubricant (causing horrible razor burn on my neck and cheeks), and even having my ear lobe cut (he didn’t even tell me, I noticed my ear was bleeding after I left the shop). I’ve also heard numerous stories over the years of barbers or hair stylists cutting all of the length from a beard without being instructed to. Despite these horror stories, I am confident that with these tips, you'll be on your way to a beard trim and barber that you’ll love.

Word of Mouth:

Ask your bearded friends and family who their barber is. If you see someone in public  that has a great beard, ask them for a recommendation. Trust me, if their beard looks amazing, they will be more than happy to talk to you about it. Online communities and forums dedicated to beards can also be great resources for finding barbers who understand the nuances of beard care.

Social Media:

Dive into the digital realm and explore potential barbers' social media presence, particularly Instagram and TikTok. Look for barbers who showcase their beard-trimming skills with before-and-after shots, highlighting their expertise in various styles and beard types. Pay attention to the overall aesthetic and vibe – does it resonate with your personal style?

Experience Matters (But Not Always):

While years of experience can be a good indicator of skill, don't underestimate the talent of newer barbers. Look for barbers who actively participate in beard-specific training or workshops, demonstrating their dedication to the craft. In most cases, you want a Barber and not a hair stylist. Read their reviews on Google and Facebook, as this will tell you how their customers feel about them. 

The Shop Speaks Volumes:

Walk into the barbershop and soak up the atmosphere. Is it clean, professional, and welcoming? Are the barbers interacting with their clients? I entered a barbershop one time and the owner was wearing earbuds while working on his client. On this same visit, the barber I saw was 10 minutes late for my appointment. It’s probably no surprise, but this is the shop where I received a bad case of razor burn and a cut ear lobe! Trust your gut – a barbershop with a beard-friendly vibe is a good sign.

Not Every Beard Trim is Created Equally:

Barber prices vary, but remember, quality often comes at a premium. In my experience if a beard trim is under $20 you will most likely be in and out of their chair in 15 minutes with a less than desirable experience. A great beard trim, from a quality professional barber, will be a full 30 minute service with hot towels, careful edging and trimming, and even a complimentary beverage. Don't sacrifice a great trim for a few bucks – your beard deserves the best!

Loyalty is Rewarded:

Once you find your beard-trimming soulmate, stick with them! Building a rapport allows them to understand your preferences and create consistently amazing beard trims and cuts. Don't forget to tip generously! Barbers appreciate your appreciation, and it shows you value their expertise. Give them a shout out on your social media. This is a no cost way to support their small business.

Communication, Communication, Communication: 

Be upfront about your expectations and any anxieties you might have. Open communication is key to a successful beard-barber relationship. Don’t let them touch your beard before you have fully communicated your expectations. Remember, a good barber is an investment in your confidence and your beard's well-being.


Beard On!


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