Beard Care Accessories 101: Your Essential Tools for Every Length & Style

Beard Care Accessories 101: Your Essential Tools for Every Length & Style

As I approach nearly a decade of living the bearded lifestyle, I have used numerous beard accessories and products to maintain and manage the look and shape of my beard. My hope is to share my knowledge and personal experience to help you choose the best beard care accessories for you and your beard.

From combs and brushes to scissors and trimmers, there's a whole world of tools dedicated to keeping your beard healthy, handsome, and manageable. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. With the information below, you will confidently know which accessories will work best for you and your beard.

The Essentials:

  • Beard Brush: I have personally used a beard brush with every length of my beard, but if your beard is under one inch it will be your best option over a comb. Brushing stimulates blood circulation, promotes natural oils, and distributes beard products evenly. Boar's hair bristle brushes are popular for their ability to soften and condition the beard, while synthetic bristles are easier to clean. In almost every scenario a firm bristle will be the better choice. The exception to this is if your beard hair is very fine and soft you might prefer a softer bristle. My absolute favorite brush for quality and price is made by Bass and after 7 years it still looks brand new.
  • Beard Comb: My go to beard comb is made of wood and is the only comb I currently use in my beard. My mustache is a different story. For it I prefer using a smaller plastic comb with very fine teeth. A good comb is your first line of defense against tangles and uneven growth. It becomes the best option as your beard grows to one inch or longer in length. Opt for a wide-tooth comb for longer beards and a fine-tooth comb for shorter ones. Natural materials like wood or horn are gentle on your beard and prevent static. You will want to avoid most plastic combs for two main reasons. The first is that most are made by molding two pieces of plastic together, thus creating a seam that will pull and damage your facial hair. It can even create split ends that will stunt beard growth. Secondly, plastic combs will cause static in your beard, causing it to stick out.
  • Beard Trimmer: If you prefer a more defined look, a beard trimmer can be a helpful tool. Choose one with adjustable settings and high-quality blades to achieve your desired length and style. I recently purchased The Beard Hedger from Manscaped and so far I love it. For my sideburns I use the adjustable guard, but for the rest of my beard, I remove it. I’m certainly not an expert at trimming my own beard, but I’m getting better. Check out YouTube for some great tutorials for trimming your own beard, or check out a great local barber if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.
  • Beard Scissors: For precise shaping and trimming, invest in a good pair of beard and mustache scissors. Look for sharp, stainless steel scissors with shorter blades. Scissors are the perfect tool for attacking those pesky fly aways. Cheap scissors will not give you a clean cut and in doing so can cause split ends.  Also, never cut other things like tags and paper with your beard scissors, as it will dull your blade. If you need a great pair of scissors click here.


Beyond the Basics:

  • Beard Straightener: I am often asked if beard oil or beard balm can straighten a curly or wavy beard, and the answer is no. The only way to straighten a beard is to use heat, and one of the ways to do that is by using a heated beard straightener or brush. Beard straighteners are designed specifically for facial hair. They typically have wider plates, lower heat settings, and sometimes even features like heat-resistant bristles to protect your skin. Keep in mind that heat can be harmful, and if overused can lead to dryness, breakage, and split ends. Another option for straightening your beard is the use of a blow dryer and brush, but if your beard is short to medium in length, stick with the beard straightening brush.
  • Beard Derma Roller: This is one of the tools that I don’t have personal experience with, but the science is sound on what it will do for your beard. While derma rollers can stimulate beard growth by promoting blood circulation and collagen production, the results are subtle and may take time. Don't expect overnight miracles, and remember it won't work for everyone. Derma rolling needs to be done regularly (typically 1-3 times per week) to see optimal results. Patience and dedication are crucial to reaping the benefits. Clean both your derma roller and your face thoroughly before and after each use to prevent infection. Derma rolling can cause temporary redness and slight discomfort. If you experience excessive irritation, bleeding, or worsening acne, stop using the roller and consult a dermatologist.

A few final thoughts to help you choose the right beard accessories for you. Invest in well-made accessories that will last. Experiment to find what works best for your beard type and desired style. Be consistent!  And lastly, a healthy diet, good sleep, and proper grooming are also essential steps for a great beard.

Thank you for reading!


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